Monday, October 15, 2018

Haptic pronunciation teaching goes "Down Under" (to Wollongong)!

Photo credit: ALAA
No, we hapticians are not just doing more work with the rhythmic feet of Aussie English--although that is actually a very good idea (and you don't necessarily have to be a dancer or haptician to appreciate or use them! See this description of rhythmic feet from a DownUnder university!)

Some of us will be at the 2018 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia conference in Wollongong, November 26-28th and the 3rd Pronunciation Symposium the preceding day.

Although there are a couple of presentations at the Symposium that sound haptic (at least metaphorically) such as
  • Punching through the Barrier to Activate Productive Oral Vocabulary (Billie Beljanski)
  • Teaching the Pronunciation of -Ed Endings with an Articulatory Approach (Arizio Sweeting)
I'll be doing one that definitely is:
  • A Haptic Technique for Teaching Reduced and Secondarily Stressed Vowels
 At the ALAA conference, I am doing the opening plenary:
  •  Embodied (and Disembodied) Methodology in English Language Teaching: From Drill to Virtual Reality
And a 20-minute quick session:

  • Haptic pronunciation correction and feedback
If you are going to be at either conference, please get "in touch" ( so we can gather round the barbie and do a little "Haptic dance!

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