Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Haptic Pronunciation Teaching "Work-inar"!

If your organization would be interested in a 2-hour, highly interactive, experiential webinar on haptic pronunciation teaching (and you should be!), we have the answer! Our new haptic "work-inar" on English pronunciation!
Dates are available beginning in mid-August. The format looks like this:
  • Introduction
  • Haptic learning
  • English vowels and word and phrasal stress
  • Rhythm groups and rhythm
  • Basic intonation
  • Fluency and feedback
  • Conversational speed and confidence
  • Advanced and discourse intonation
  • Integrating "haptic" into the classroom
  • Consonants galore (done haptically)
  • Q&A
Like all haptic workshops and presentations, it involves a great deal of participant engagement, including mirroring of the pedagogical gestures of the presenter (Bill Acton or colleague) and occasional "dancing" to the various rhythms of the webinar.

There is no charge for this basic v4.0 EHIEP (Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation) webinar--other than the usual, tasteful, low key promotion of all things there may be some additional fee attached if it is extensively customized for a local population or if by agreement there is some structured follow up, etc. In late Spring 2018 v5.0 of the haptic pronunciation teaching system and webinar will be rolled out as well!

The idea right now is just to further get out the "haptic word" to the profession.

If that sounds like fun, let us know!


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