Sunday, April 9, 2017

TESOL 2018 Convention Haptic Pronunciation Teaching Proposals

It's that time again! Proposals are due June 1st! A number of topics have been suggested for us Hapticians. If you see one you like and want to participate in, let us know SOON!
  • Half-day pre-convention institute - Basic training in haptic pronunciation teaching
  • Research colloquium on haptic pronunciation teaching - This year's colloquium was very successful. Much more to report on next year. 
  • Embodiment and the body in TESOL - This is a broader topic, one that has been suggested to me repeatedly. Reasonably certain it will be proposed.
  • Unstressed vowels (a haptic approach) - The haptic pedagogical movement pattern system for unstressed vowels, especially schwa, is innovative and effective, used now primarily in accent reduction.
  • Visible gesture in pronunciation instruction - With the recent publication of a couple of articles, this topic is finally getting some serious discussion. (This deals with visual signalling, more than the anchoring of gesture in the body of the learner.)
  • Haptic pragmatics - I have done three successful workshops on this topic with Angelina VanDyke. The model has developed considerably.
  • Haptic discourse intonation teaching basics - This one follows somewhat from the Haptic Pragmatics workshop. 
  • Haptic pronunciation in literacy work - This would be a follow up on one of the presentations in this year's haptic research colloquium. 
  • Haptic pronunciation for kids - The haptic model is used by many elementary school teachers.
  • Haptic pronunciation teaching for volunteer teachers - The current haptic pronunciation teacher certification course developed out of work with volunteer teachers
  • There will be a publishers session on v5.0 of the Haptic Pronunciation Teaching Certification course. 
Those could be in any of several formats, colloquia, workshops, teaching tips, etc.

Keep in touch - and check in if interested by May 1st!

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