Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Haptic Pronunciation Teaching and Applied Phonology Course, August 1st~26th in Vancouver, BC!

If you are in the Vancouver area in August, join us at Trinity Western University for the Ling 611 Applied Phonology course (3 graduate credits), part of the MATESOL or just the Haptic Pronunciation Teaching component of that course. (Housing available.)

Ling 611 meets on campus 9~12:00, Tuesday through Friday. August 2nd ~ 18th. Monday's are "reading days". Fridays, students in teams submit a brief research report on the week's work. During the 4th week of the course, students do an individual research paper in consultation with the instructors and take final certification test in haptic pronunciation teaching. 

HaPT-E Certification Course
General syllabus:
  • Week 1 - Learning and teaching pronunciation
  • Week 2 - Teaching listening and pronunciation
  • Week 3 - Teaching speaking and pronunciation
The  topics of the 3 hours of each morning are roughly as follows:
  • Hour 1 - Haptic pronunciation teaching
  • Hour 2 - Phonetic analysis of learner data
  • Hour 3 - Theory and methodology
Options: (If interested, contact me at TWU:
  • Take the graduate course for credit (about $2400) or as an auditor (less than half price). You have to apply for that and have some prerequisite background in either case. 
  • Do just the Haptic Pronunciation part. That means 12 hours of class, plus about 12 hours of  homework, which includes 2 tests. If you pass the tests, you get a certificate in HPT. (Cost of that will be about $500, which includes materials and certificate. You'll also be free to sit in on the other two hours of Ling 611 if you have time.) Limited number of places available for that option. 
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