Friday, April 22, 2016

20 Ideas for TESOL 2017 haptic pronunciation teaching proposals!

Time for doing proposals for TESOL 2017! The deadline is June 1st. If you are interested in being on a team that does a workshop, poster session, demonstration or paper, please let us know. We almost always work with teams of 2 or more and invite those who are not trained hapticians but want to be to sign on to a proposal. With the new v4.0 Haptic pronunciation teacher training program (out soon) you can be quite up to speed by next March!

Hopefully, we'll also have a booth this coming year for the first time to promote v4.0. (With that comes a couple of Exhibitor's sessions on the program as well.) Here are some of the proposal ideas we have been discussing of have presented or published on earlier. A formal proposal could, of course, be a combination of topics with a haptic "core"!
HaPT-E v4.0 -Serious Fun!
  1. Pre-convention institute or workshop on haptic pronunciation teaching
  2. Spontaneous and incidental correction (using haptic techniques)
  3. Haptic teacher training certification course
  4. Haptic phonetics (working on that one already)
  5. Haptic techniques for vocabulary development
  6. Haptic homework (working on that one already)
  7. (Ch)oral reading (haptic-anchored) 
  8. Changing fossilized pronunciation (haptically)
  9. Haptic consonant workshop (working on that one already)
  10. Contrastive (haptic) analyses (e.g., Chinese, Korean or major dialects)
  11. Fluency training (Rhythm Fight club)
  12. Haptic accent reduction techniques
  13. Haptic-anchored attending skills
  14. Haptic techniques for basic literacy training
  15. Haptic discourse strategies/markers
  16. Haptic phonics
  17. Brain Research on haptic learning
  18. Expressive (haptic) pronunciation teaching
  19. Haptic linking techniques
  20. Haptic techniques for vowel reduction, unstressed and secondary stressed vowels 
  21. Haptic-anchoring of online pronunciation instruction

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