Monday, May 12, 2014

NEW! AHEPS v2.0 Haptic Pronunciation Training videos available for download!

For the first time, individual AHEPS haptic training videos are now downloadable. Each of the AHEPS modules focuses on one techniques, what we term pedagogical movement patterns (PMPs). Each module involves basically 6 procedures: (a) a warm up, (b) review of previous module, (c) a demonstration of the PMP/technique, (d) a 5-minute training video, (e) a 2-minute practice video, and a short conversation to practice with. 

If you'd like to work on just a specific PMP, all you need to do is go the the New AHEPS training videos page, check the (free) demonstration video, look over the description page for that PMP, and then download training video:

Acton Haptic English
Pronunciation System
  • Matrix (use of gesture in the visual field) training 
  • Warm up training 
  • Single (Rough/short) vowels training  
  • Double (Smooth/long) vowels training    
  • Syllable Butterfly training
  • Basic Intonation training
  • Advanced Intonation training
  • Tai Chi Fluency training
  • Rhythm Fight Club training
  • Baton Speaking Integration training
Training videos for consonants will be added gradually over the next three months. 

v3.0 (Fall 2014 or Spring 2015) will probably be both download and subscription-based. 

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