Sunday, March 16, 2014

NEW! Put some "PIP!" in your Pronunciation! (AH-EPS, one-on-one, Pronunciation Improvement Program!)

In this program (AH-PIP) you do a module in AH-EPS with workbook and DVDs or on, and then can connect up with an AH-EPS instructor to review what you have done and discuss what to do next. (Followed up by an email report on the consultation within 24 hours.)

We recommend doing an optional 30-minute SKYPE consultation after each module, at least at the beginning of the program.

Course package ($129 CAD, plus shipping) includes: 

(1)  A set of Teacher DVDs, plus one download of the Instructor's Guide.
(2)  A set of Student DVDs, plus one download of the Student Workbook. (You do need a hard copy of the workbook to do the course.) A hardcopy of the workbook is also available for $20 plus shipping:
(3)  One Initial, introductory 30-minute SKYPE consultation to evaluate your pronunciation work and explain the program.  
(4) The first, 30-minute SKYPE consultation (To be done after Module #1 work is completed.) 

One module takes about a week to complete, 1.5~2 hours. It is best to do one module per week, followed by an optional consultation, but do at least one module every two weeks.  SKYPE consultations are an additional $25 each. Total cost for the program, doing consultations after every module is $350, plus shipping. 

Also available is the AH-EPS Accent Reduction program for nonnative English speaking professionals and instructors.
For more information, email:


William Acton said...

As of 7:00 a.m. PST 3/16, the new GETONIC PopShop tag for AH-PIP is not active. (Apparently a problem at I'll update here as soon as it is!

Bill Acton said...

The GETONIC link is now live. Sorry for the inconvenience. While we are are TESOL in Portland next week, the 24th to 30th, shipping of DVDs and materials will probably slow a bit, but you can still get full access to all videos on Vimeo and download all materials in the interim! SKYPE consultations will probably be unaffected as well.

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