Monday, March 3, 2014

Haptic Pronunciation Teaching Seminar in Vancouver, British Columbia!

A Haptic Pronunciation Teaching Seminar is scheduled for August 4th through 8th, 2014. It is designed for instructors with little or no background in phonetics or pronunciation teaching. The basic Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation (EHIEP) training program is applicable for and adaptable to instruction in almost any teaching context.

The 5-day training includes both the complete Instructor Certification course and a half-day Teacher Training in Haptic Pronunciation Teaching module. Seminar fees include all materials and limited rights to reproduce and distribute haptic-video-based Acton Haptic English Pronunciation System (AH-EPS).  Enrolment is limited to 20.

Participants should plan to arrive on August 3rd and depart on August 9th. It is also very highly recommended that you build in an additional, well-deserved and relaxing week off after the training in Vancouver or British Columbia, too!

Those experienced pronunciation instructors interested in participating in the training should contact me  directly at:

Complete details on seminar fees and accommodations will be available shortly. Keep in touch!

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