Thursday, April 7, 2011

Essential, Haptically-Integrated English Pronunciation (EHIEP) 'ape' Teaching Workshop

Here is a short description of the new training workshop that we are about to roll out this summer. 
(Cost per participant will depend on how many participants.)
  • This one-day workshop presents a basic method and set of techniques for teaching English pronunciation to ESL students. Features of the workshop include: It is designed for instructors with little or no previous training in pronunciation teaching, (and is especially appropriate for nonnative English speaking instructors.)
  • The techniques introduced are designed for use with beginning and intermediate-level students, but can be easily adapted for use with learners of all levels.
  • Participants are trained in using the Oxford American English dictionary (and are provided with a free copy as well!) for teaching pronunciation and vocabulary development.
  • Participants are given extensive practice in conducting the techniques and procedures to take back and use in their classrooms.
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, participants are provided with a DVD containing all the techniques from the workshop which they can use in their classrooms. (Students and Instructor together are taught by “aping” the video, following along and practicing basic procedures.) All initial instruction can be done by using the video. After that, instructors use the techniques in teaching throughout the curriculum.
  • The “integrated” techniques are designed to be used in all ESL classes, speaking, listening, reading or writing.
  •  In preparation, participants are sent preparatory workshop materials and instructions, along with required reading to be completed before arriving at the workshop.
  • The most innovative feature of the method presented is the extensive use of haptic-based (movement and touch) teaching techniques. The method has been shown to be highly effective in assisting students in integrating new pronunciation into their spontaneous speaking.
  • Participants may sign up (for a small fee) for follow up webcam consultations or webcam-based lessons for their class, led by a qualified EHIEP instructor. 

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