Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arthur Lessac - Requiescat in pace

Just received the following from Planaria Rice, "Arthur Lessac has just passed away. He was 101 and had just returned from Rijeka, Croatia.  The University of Rijeka is setting up a new dramatic arts, music department, etc, and wanted Arthur to train their professors in his methods. He developed heart failure shortly after returning--but what a triumphant way to go!!!!!  Here is a tribute to him from Rijeka." Lessac was both visionary and master teacher, a rare combination. He will be greatly missed, but the "body" of his work goes on! As he put it so succinctly,"Train the Body first!"


Bill Acton said...

When you walk, do you feel like you are dancing?

Bill Acton said...

Here is the NYT article on Arthur:

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