Monday, July 1, 2013

(AH-EPS) Instructor Accent Enhancement Course!

Have just finished work on a new course for nonnative English-speaking instructors--or native English speaking instructors who would like to add a more "standard" (North American) dialect to their speaking repertoire. It focuses on accent, rather than general pronunciation or intelligibility. It involves the following:
  • Done individually; requires SKYPE or similar video chat technology
  • 10 modules; 4, 30-45 minute assignments per module 
  • 10, 30-minute post-module SKYPE sessions (5 with Bill Acton; 5 with one of his colleagues)
  • Includes all materials (both books and DVD sets)
  • Initial screening questionnaire submission and 5-minute narrative video speech sample required. 
  • You can begin at any time, and, with approval, may take one break in the course of up to 3 weeks.
  • Once the course commences, however, its effectiveness depends critically upon consistent regular practice. (Just like you demand of your students!) 
The main differences between this course and one we use with non-instructional professionals are that
(a) Assignments from the Instructors Guide are included with each module.
(b) More attention is paid to vowel quality, secondary and unstressed syllables, word-level segmentals, and personal, professional word list development.
(c) Completion of minimum of 3 (of 4) assignments per module is required before the post-module SKYPE video consultation. (In the professional version, only one assignment is required.)

Cost: $960 CAD. Interested?  Email us ( for further information. Enrolment is limited to 10 at any one time. 

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