Monday, June 3, 2013

13 Haptic pronunciation teaching proposals for TESOL 2014!

The Team (of about 30 Hapticians and Hapticians-in-training) has submitted 13 proposals for the 2014 TESOL conference in Portland, in March 2014. Here is are some of the titles/topics:
  • Workshop: Essentials of Haptic (kinesthetic+tactile)-integrated pronunciation instruction 
  • Workshop: Using haptic-integrated pronunciation with the Academic Word List
  • Workshop: Haptic consonant repair
  • Workshop: Teaching English intonation by non-native speakers
  • Practice-oriented session: Haptic pronunciation modeling with pre-literate L2 adults and children 
  • Practice-oriented session: Haptic-integrated pronunciation homework
  • Practice-oriented session: Speak fast; speak easy: The Butterfly Technique
  • Practice-oriented session: Conversational rhythm: The Fight Club
  • Discussion session: Haptic-integrated pronunciation teaching discussion (NNS/EFL)
  • Discussion session: Haptic-integrated pronunciation teaching discussion (NS/ESL)
  • Research-oriented session: Research basis of haptic-integrated pronunciation instruction
  • Research-oriented session: Empirical study of two haptic-integrated protocols
  • Research-oriented session: Haptic phonetics for phonetics instruction
Typically we get word on which has been accepted in early October. If you'd like further details on any of those proposals, let me know. (

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