Monday, January 14, 2013

EHIEP Haptic Pronunciation Workshops

Here is the basic announcement format of the courses we are beginning to offer this year in various venues. (If you'd like one in your neighbourhood, let us know.) Later this year, we'll have the online version ready as well. Keep in touch. 

This is a 10-week, noncredit course to help nonnative speakers of English improve their pronunciation and accent. The course meets Tuesday afternoons, from 3 to 4:15, beginning January 29th.  

Preference is given to graduate students, but any student or staff member of any level of English proficiency is invited to attend the course. Class size is limited to 24. 

If you are interested in joining the class, a brief telephone interview is required. Required textbook: Oxford Basic Dictionary of American English.

The course fee of $90 includes a student workbook and 9 basic video files.  Ideally, students should have access to a computer or smart phone for practice but that is not absolutely necessary.

·      The topics of the 10 classes are:
o   Introduction to the course
o   Warm up and dictionary orientation
o   Vowels and consonants I
o   Vowels and consonants II
o   Stressed words and phrases
o   Intonation and melody of speaking
o   Speaking fluently
o   Conversational speaking style
o   Expressiveness and pronunciation self-improvement plan
o   Public speaking style

Each week students
o   Discuss their homework at the beginning
o   Are introduced to the pronunciation topic
o   Practice the exercises with a video model and their instructor
o   Practice the pronunciation topic in a everyday conversation
o   Practice a list of words that use the pronunciation topic and are valuable for them, individually.
o   Prepare for homework
§  Students should practice their homework 3 times per week, if possible. (20 minutes each time)
§  Students may purchase optional, downloadable video and audio files for additional practice

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