Monday, November 12, 2012

EHIEP "haptic video" system development update!

 By late February everything should be ready for use in local programs, most anywhere on the planet. At this point, these courses could be in several formats: 
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  • A one-hour introductory session and then 
  • 8 or 9 weeks of classes, one module per week (or just selected modules, relevant for that class)
  • Each class would begin with a 30-minute instructional video, and then
  • could involve either 
    •      *immediate in class follow up by the instructor, or
    •      *assigned homework, or 
    •      *(simply) integrated use of the techniques by the instructor in subsequent speaking, listening or vocabulary instruction. 
  • For each module there are 3 homework practice videos, accompanied by a section from the student workbook. 
  • There are also about 12, 5-minute mini-modules for selected consonants. 
Image: AMPISys
EHIEP can be done
  • online, 
  • in schools or at
  • informal venues,
  • as independent study,
  • by trained or untrained instructors.
Based in part  on the recent "TED" blogpost, will have some new video to introduce the EHIEP system, etc. to prospective students. Have been talking with the university about collaboration in some venues to get official certificates or join in w/advertising, etc. Will also set up "profit sharing" framework for other potential partners who run or sponsor a class. 

Am setting up one-day teacher training workshops in a number of places, beginning in April. (We are doing one already at the TESOL convention in Dallas.) The idea there will be to do a day of training at relatively low cost to participants and then make available the online video and materials, either by download or subscription. WIll announce those here as they are confirmed. 

If you'd like to try out a specific, pre-publication EHIEP "haptic" video in your class, let me know. (

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