Monday, August 6, 2012

The music of (haptic-integrated) pronunciation instruction

Here is a set of musical terms which I have been using for some time to characterize the range of mood, expressiveness, affective setting and felt sense of various aspects of haptic-integrated, pronunciation work:
  • abbandonatamente: free, relaxed
  • amabile: amiable, pleasant 
  • con moto: with motion
  • andante: at a walking pace; i.e., at a moderate tempo
  • piacevole: pleasant, agreeable
  • a piacere: at pleasure; i.e., need not follow the rhythm strictly
  • con anima: with feeling
  • con spirito: with spirit
  • liberamente: freely
  • deciso: decisively
  • energico: energetic, strong
  • enfatico: emphatically
  • espressivo: expressively
  • facile: easily, without fuss  
  • hervortretend: prominent, pronounced
  • legato: joined; i.e., smoothly, in a connected manner
  • leggiero, leggiermente or leggiadro: lightly, delicately
  • mezzo forte: half loudly; i.e., moderately loudly
  • mezzo piano: half softly; i.e., moderately softly
Taken together, that is provides a good impression of how the flow of HICP classroom instruction should be experienced. How might you label or describe in those terms your classroom pronunciation techniques and mood? Time to face the music?

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