Sunday, July 22, 2012

Effective pronunciation teacher?

Clip art: Clker
Clip art: Clker
Ever get the feeling that you need a little more professional development? Extracted from a 2009 University of Nottingham study by Day, Sammons and Kington, summarized by Science Daily, here are the main findings or criteria for being the "most effective teacher."(Stare at the pineapple from the previous post for a couple of minutes, take a couple of deep breaths, then rate yourself on a scale from "Whatever" to "Absolutely!") The most effective teachers are: 

  • knowledgeable
  • innovative
  • skilful
  • fun-loving
  • caring
  • supportive
  • task-centered
  • pupil-centred
  • in a class of their own
  • stimulate a pupil’s imagination
  • challenge their views
  • encourage them to do great things
  • motivate them through tailored teaching practices
  • ensure that every pupil feels a sense of achievement 
  • ensure that every pupil feels valued as part of the class community
  • create a positive climate for learning
  • inspire pupils
  • differentiate amongst pupils according to their abilities "where appropriate”
  • differentiate amongst pupils according to their interests "where appropriate”
  • give students more control over their learning
  • give students more engagement in their learning
  • give students more opportunities for success
  • have great enthusiasm for their work
  • have high aspirations for the success of every pupil
  • have positive relations
  • have high motivation
  • have strong commitment 
  • are resilient
  • focus on building self esteem
  • focus on engendering trust
  • focus on maintaining respect.
  • and . . . are not necessarily those with the most experience
It's lists like that that make you realize just how little you have accomplished in 40 years in the field . . . or simply wonder at what an incredible overachiever you are!


Angelina Van Dyke said...

Wow, pronunciation teachers must be paragons of virtue!

Bill Acton said...

Or give up . . .

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