Monday, May 16, 2011

Learning with students

One of the key principles of HIPoeces methodology is that, in a very real sense, instructors must learn the system  along with their students--literally. In an innovative proposal, Murphey et al (2004) argue that primary school teachers in Japan do something similar. As noted in earlier posts, there are in fact a number of reasons why it is generally preferable in haptic-integrated pronunciation work for the class to learn and practice key elements of the system following a video model, not from their instructors, at least initially, but with them. (Haptically-Integrating) O/ECE Pronunciation teachers of the world: Outsource!

Murphey, T., Asaoka, C., & Sekiguchi, M. (2004). Primary teachers co-learning english with their students. The Language Teacher, 28(2), 15-18.

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