Sunday, February 27, 2011

Biopoetry and "Haptic Listening"

In the following by avant guarde poet, Eduardo Kac, one type of haptic listening is defined: " . . . Haptic listening: Implant a self-powered microchip that emits a sound poem upon contact (via pressure). The sound is not amplified enough to be heard through the skin. The listener must make physical contact with the poet in order for the sound to travel from the microchip inside the poet's body into the listener's body. The listener becomes the medium through which the sound is transmitted. The poem enters the listener's body not through the ears, but from inside, through the body itself . . . " Although the particular technological application Kac is considering is difficult to get a "feel" for, the concept of the felt sense of the poem being learned or experienced-- being transmitted through the skin (versus just through the "air") is strikingly similar to aspects of the unique, haptic focus of HIPoeces methodology. 

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