Haptic Pronunciation Teaching English (HaPT-E) Course!

Haptic pronunciation teaching has been shown to be an excellent and flexible way to provide modeling, feedback and correction of pronunciation, plus enhance learning of vocabulary. HaPT-E uses specially designed gesture plus touch to make pronunciation teaching more effective and efficient. It easy to learn and easy to teach with!

Haptic pronunciation teaching features:
  • Background in pronunciation teaching or linguistics is not essential.
  • Self-paced modules of the complete, 10-module course take about 2 hours to complete
  • Recommended course length is one module per week for 10-12 weeks (up to 6 months to complete)
  • Designed especially for the non-native English speaking teacher.
  • Can be taken as self-study or for certification.
  • ·Includes all materials necessary to do haptic pronunciation in your classroom! 
  • 2, 30-minute consulting sessions with Bill Acton or another experienced haptician, once the course begins. 

HaPT-E Basic Course
HaPT-E Basic Course Certificate
$200 CAD plus tax
$100 CAD plus tax
  • PDF (copying permitted) of the course book
  • Instructor Notes
  • 6-month unlimited access to course videos from Vimeo.com (DVDs available also)
  • No limit on number of participants at one site or school. (Haptic Pronunciation study groups of teachers for professional development are highly recommended.)
  • Ongoing consultation (2)
  • Personalized feedback on the two video/written tests and final SKYPE report.
  • Certification for one person provided by Actonhaptic.com or can be offered in partnership with your institution. (Contact info@actonhaptic.com for further details.)

  • You can pay by PayPal,  check, cash, bank transfer or barter! (For any of those options, or to get a free, introductory look at the first module of the course, please email us: info@actonhaptic.com)
  • Also available is the DVD set of the videos ($75CAD, plus tax and shipping). 
  • Class sets and hard copies of the Certification course booklet and Instructor Notes are available upon request. 

For more information on haptic pronunciation teaching,
1. Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation (EHIEP): www.Actonhaptic.com

2. Bill Acton: info@actonhaptic.com
Acton, W., Baker, A., Burri, M., Teaman, B. (2013). Preliminaries to haptic-integrated pronunciation instruction. In J. Levis, K. LeVelle (Eds.). Proceedings of the 4th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference, Aug. 2012. (pp. 234-244). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

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