Haptic Pronunciation Teaching (HaPT-Eng) Course!

Haptic pronunciation teaching has been shown to be an excellent and flexible way to provide modeling, feedback and correction of pronunciation, plus enhance learning of vocabulary. HaPT-Eng uses specially designed gesture plus touch to make pronunciation teaching more effective and efficient. It is easy to learn and easy to teach with!

Haptic pronunciation teaching self study course features:
  • Background in pronunciation teaching or linguistics is not essential.
  • Self-paced modules of the complete, 10-module course take about 2 hours to complete
  • Recommended course length is one module per week for 10-12 weeks (up to 6 months to complete)
  • Designed especially for the non-native English speaking teacher.
  • Can be taken as self-study or for certification.
  • ·Includes all materials necessary to do haptic pronunciation in your classroom! 
  • 2, 30-minute consulting sessions with Bill Acton or another experienced haptician, once the course begins. 
Purchasing the self-study version of the course:

HaPT-Eng Basic Course
HaPT-Eng Basic Course Certificate
$200 CAD plus tax
$100 CAD plus tax
  • PDF (copying permitted) of the course book
  • Instructor Notes
  • 6-month unlimited access to course videos from Vimeo.com (DVDs available also)
  • No limit on number of participants at one site or school. (Haptic Pronunciation study groups of teachers for professional development are highly recommended.)
  • Ongoing consultation (2)
  • Personalized feedback on the two video/written tests and final SKYPE report.
  • Certification for one person provided by Actonhaptic.com or can be offered in partnership with your institution. (Contact info@actonhaptic.com for further details.)

  • You can pay by PayPal,  check, cash, bank transfer or barter! (For any of those options, or to get a free, introductory look at the first module of the course, please email us: info@actonhaptic.com)
For more information on haptic pronunciation teaching: info@actonhaptic.com

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