Thursday, March 3, 2011

HIP Intonation Protocol Focusing Framework (based on Gendlin (1996)

The HIPoeces/EEPOS protocol for teaching intonation contours conforms to Gendlin’s focusing 6-stage  framework (see previous blog post):
(a) Clearing the space, i.e., beginning by moving hands through the entire visual field,
(b) Identifying the felt sense, i.e., targeting the somatic sensation of the intonation contour, along with its linguistic or grammatical form
(c) Attending to the "handle" or word that best fits the felt sense, i.e., visualizing the graphic form (spelling) and meaning of the word or phrase,
(d) Experiencing the body resonance (vibration, etc.), i.e., attending primarily to the overall body experience,
 (e) Asking, reflectively how the felt sense and language selected "fit", i.e., making sure that all modalities are engaged, and
(f) What Gendlin refers to as "receiving," i.e., integrated learning—being uncritically/unconsciously open to the convergence of the body sensation with the cognitive, reflective understanding of the holistic experience (so that the target phrase or form will be more consistently "up-taken!")

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