Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New off-the-charts English Vowels-- for haptic pronunciation teaching

Displayed below are the new AHEPS (Acton Haptic English Pronunciation System) v3.0 vowel charts for General North American English (GNAE). Those are available in several formats (download, hardcopy, plastic-coated posters of 3 sizes, black and white or in custom colours.) 

GNAE vowels are covered in Modules 2 and 3 of AHEPS v3.0. 

Haptic pronunciation teaching posters can also be provided for other Englishes, English dialects or other languages on request/special order. Basic cost for a colour set of 24x36 posters seen below begins at about $100 (for GNAE), plus shipping. 36x48 and larger sizes also available. For additional information, contact

Downloads of individual posters jpegs from GETONIC: $2.99 each.  Just click on link to buy/download, or you can, of course, download those jpeg files below! With each GENTONIC order, a complimentary PDF copy of the latest Instructor Notes will be sent as well.  

          Complete chart! ($2.99)

      Rough vowels! ($2.99)

Double smooth vowels! ($2.99)

The above format is the standard AHEPS student perspective. The mirror-image, instructor perspective (aligned with the IPA vowel chart) is also available upon request. 

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