Saturday, October 19, 2013

( New) Instructor's Guide to AH-EPS v2.0

Instructor's Guide to

Acton Haptic - English Pronunciation system

Version 2.0

A "haptic" approach
 to English l2 Pronunciation
&  intelligibility

William Acton, PhD
Trinity Western University

For a free download or hardcopy ($40, plus postage and handling on GETONIC), email: Please do include some brief detail on the location and student population you may try it on! The v2.0 Instructor and Student DVD sets will be available in mid November. (Cost: $50 and $20 respectively.) The complete video system will also be available in different forms on for streaming this fall and probably on a web-based system such as Udutu in Spring 2014. If you'd like to pre-order the complete v2.0 Instructors basic package (Guide, Student Workbook, DVDs and 1-hour web consultation), get it from the GETONIC store. 

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