Monday, September 2, 2013

New AH-EPS Basic Lite - Instructor+ Package

From the GETONIC infoblurb: The AH-EPS Basic Lite package contains: (1) Download of eCopy AH-EPS Instructor's Guide, (2) Download of eCopy of Modules 1-5 of the Student Workbook (Teaching lesson materials only) and (3) special Instructors DVD set (containing modules 1-5 and the consonant mini-modules.) The DVD set is shipped immediately upon payment. This package
is designed for a classroom setting where the instructor uses the haptic video for a 30-45 minute weekly lesson and then integrates the techniques into regular instruction, typically speaking, listening and vocabulary development.

@$150 CAD this really a good deal. It is also about as "theoretically correct" as you can get today: Students are introduced to the techniques by the haptic video and then the instructor uses them whenever a good anchor is needed in presenting or correcting or practicing a word, phrase or something longer. (You buy this I'll even throw in a free IAHICPR one-year membership!) 

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