Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aerobic Haptic Pronunciation Break Out! #1

This weekend, at the annual BCTEAL conference here in British Columbia (conference theme: Brain-compatible language learning), we were invited to do 3, 20 minute break out sessions during the day to help conference goers recover from what we refer to as "excessive glute-haptic" anchoring (sitting in a chair, immobile for too long!) This is #1 of 3.  Here is the full 11-minute training session, including "Haptic Gangnam Style?" There is a great deal going on in mind and body during this one. Here is the outline that we provided as a handout:


·      Produce vowels (most of those of English)
·      Vowel positions on the IPA vowel chart
·      Linking English vowel sounds to movement patterns

Common sense

·      Creating a predictable point of departure for pronunciation work
·      Suppressing distraction and static
·      The feeling of the vowels
·      Loosening up the body, vocal tract and ego
·      Allowing individuals to "let go"


·      Full-body/full brain engagement
·      Activation of nonvisual areas associated with movement and sound
·      Activate diaphragmatic breathing, associated with rhythm
·      Programming in posture w/upper body fluidity
·      General blood flow increase
·      Opens and "tours" entire visual field
·      (Bilateral actions) suppresses corpus callosum conductivity
·      Multiple modality activation

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