Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four "Haptic" sessions at TESOL 2013 in Dallas

Image: TESOL 2013
If you are going to be at TESOL 2013, join us at one of following EHIEP-based presentations:
  • Teaching Basic English Intonation by Non-native English Speaking Teachers Workshop, by Richmond Donkor, Shine Hong, Moses Lam, Nori Takatsu and Yuyue Zeng (These five will all be graduates of the MATESOL program at Trinity Western University by then!) 
  • Anchoring Academic Word List Vocabulary: One Touch at a Time, by Mike Burri, Nate Kielstra and Bill Acton (This one is our first workshop that explicitly addresses using haptic-integrated anchoring with vocabulary.)
  • Essentials of Haptic (Kinaesthetic+Tactile)-Integrated Pronunciation Instruction, Pre-conference Institute, by Mike Burri, Brian Teaman, Karen Rauser, Amanda Baker, Nate Kielstra and Bill Acton (This day-long PCI on Tuesday provides "basic training" in the EHIEP system.)
  • TESOL 2013 Breakfast with TESOL’s Notable Experts: Haptic-integrated (using movement and touch) pronunciation teaching, with Bill Acton (Need to work on this one some to justify asking anybody to pay $45 for a "touching and moving"  hour or so around the breakfast table!) 
As noted earlier, we will also have our founding meeting of IAHICPR (International Association of Haptic-integrated Clinical Pronunciation Researchers) sometime at the convention. (May also have a booth or part of a booth in the exhibition area if the complete haptic video packages are ready by then.) 


Nate said...

I'm going to be there for everything, unless the baby comes while we're there. I'm looking for tickets to book now!

Angelina Van Dyke said...

I'm thinking about going - the IAHICPR sounds good!

Bill Acton said...

Ok! I'll nominate you to be our first Coloratura!

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