Saturday, August 25, 2012

(More) Preliminaries to haptic-integrated pronunciation instruction

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As reported earlier, that is the title of our presentation today at the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning & Teaching Conference at Simon Fraser University here in Vancouver. Here is the link to the conference program. It should be a pretty good introduction to our work and the EHIEP model. Excellent conference, as usual. Especially look forward to the opening panel on pronunciation assessment and, of course, Amanda Baker's presentation on integrated pronunciation in content teaching, which happens in the same room as ours an hour later. If you'd like to see a draft of our paper, let me know. (We will be submitting a revised version to the conference proceedings as well.) Based in part on the work we have done in putting together this new framework, I am working on a new index for the blog that will make it easier to find topics and specific research studies. The index, itself will use the same general structure as the "Preliminaries" presentation. 

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Sounds like a great conference!

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